Rehearsal Day

Much of today's focus was on the theatre making side of things, but that doesn't mean that we didn't get everything else taken care of.  In the morning, the lovely Sophie Hernando Kofman and Kim Eckstein (the Office Coordinator here at Bjorklunden) took one of our Lawrence vans to get the tires fixed. During the day, a group went to the store to pick up some snacks for the reception following our last show on Saturday. And finally, our program is ready for print!

Today was filled with rehearsals. Each show met about 4 or 5 times to rehearse throughout the day. For our last session of the day, our Literary Manager, Jacque Troy, played her role as Acting Coach and gave suggestions to the actors and directors.

Our Technical Director and Assistant Technical Director drove up and have started setting up the lights and curtains for our performance. The space is beginning to look even more like a theatre! We also have all of our props and costumes arranged and ready for the dress rehearsals tomorrow.

Jacque works with the cast of  Sitting With Strangers

Jacque works with the cast of Sitting With Strangers