Gathering the Pieces Together

This morning we had more rehearsals with Jacque Troy to reinforce the notes she gave us during last night’s workshops.  Each play also took some time outside of her workshops to continue the work and finalize changes before the dress rehearsal we had tonight.

The stage managers and run crew spent the afternoon setting locations of props/set/lights/sound in the space (which now has curtains and lights).  The directors were brought in to set lighting cues and check sound cues.  The SMs ran threw the entire show multiple times to ensure that everything went smoothly when the actors were incorporated after dinner.

A twilight view from the ice

A twilight view from the ice

A few of us went outside for a bit before dinner, as the cabin fever is beginning to set in, and it’s always good to remember how nice it is inside after being exposed to how bitterly cold it is outside right now.  Lake Michigan is beginning to freeze, so we walked out on the ice for a bit for the fun of it.

We had a dress rehearsal after dinner, and ran the entire show.  It was the first time we incorporated costumes and music transitions to the piece, and it all came together.  It feels like a real show, which is incredible considering we had nothing a week and a half ago. 

We also had a bit of a game night after we finished making some changes and giving/receiving notes on the run.  There were some more intense games of Bananagrams (because that’s always a good idea), as well as a very enthusiastic group of Taboo players. We got a record of 6 guesses in a one minute time (and my team won, just sayin’).

It’s hard to believe that we open tomorrow, but we’re totally ready for it!