Third Time's the Charm!

Hello! I’m Claire, a senior at Lawrence University studying theatre and government.  It is amazing to be a part of this exciting new company!

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In the past day and a half, I wrote a ten-minute play.  I am primarily a performer and a sometimes director, but I’ve rarely written in this format.  I began with one idea, creating three characters in a comedic setting.  But then I thought about changing the tone and completely altering the ending of the story arc, becoming my second idea.  Then yesterday, I woke and decided to scrap my whole idea, starting anew once again.  Overall, I’m quite pleased with the results of my morphing ideas, showing it’s often useful to explore many possibilities before honing in on one idea


Tonight we will be suggesting possible 4-play combinations of the 18 plays we have crafted, and tomorrow we will learn which combination we will be producing next week!  I don’t know if mine will make it through, but I am quite content with it whether or not it’s chosen.  It’s all quite enthralling, and I look forward to the many adventures ahead in production of these works!