An Exploration of Feelings Through My Face

Hi!  My name is Portia and I am a junior Theatre and English double major.  You might recognize me as a member of the Blog Group, but I am stepping out on my own for this post.

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This has been quite the morning.  The plays were announced, directors were chosen, and everything was cast in the span of less than half an hour.  My play didn't make it into the evening of plays but I am planning on continuing to work on it so that I can submit it to other 10-minute play festivals.

The exciting news in my life is that I was chosen to direct on of the plays!  I absolutely love directing.  Ever since I started at Lawrence, I knew that I wanted to be a director.  I took my first directing class last year and then I made my directing debut this past term at Lawrence directing a joint senior project of As You Like It.

It is going to be so nice to start making theatre.  The past few days have been such a learning experience.  I have never written a play before.  I love to write but I am always afraid of actually putting my ideas out into the world.  

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There is always a part of me that feels that other people have better ideas than I do so I always stop writing and give up. This was such an amazing experience because it forced me to actually write a full play.  I worked on writing with my friend Jessica (another member of the Blog Group) and we made something that we are incredibly proud of.  After the power read yesterday, we got a lot of really good feedback from people, which really increased my confidence about my writing.  This experience that originally just seemed incredibly stressful at first has become something that has really helped remind me of things that I really like doing!

It has been really interesting to also look at the marketing side of everything.  

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This is a world that is completely new to me.  I have done blogging before and I have my own YouTube channel that I keep pretty active but it has been really interesting to learn how to take those same outlets of communication and use them for a professional matter.  It has been quite the learning curve.

As we move forward, though, everything is starting to become more natural.  When we started this process, I was not exactly sure how I, personally, was going to be able to keep up with everything that was happening.  But now, being only three and a half days in, I know that we can do this.  And it is going to be amazing.  I am so excited to start rehearsals and start making theatre with this awesome group of people.

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