Getting Ready!

Hi all!  My name is Helen Titchener and I’m an English and German double major with a minor in Theatre Arts from the Boston area.  Here at Greyfell I’ve been working on press releases, directing Tick-Tock, a play about a loving brother and his troubled sister and collecting props for all 4 plays—something I’ve never done before and is proving to be a blast.  I’ve done a quick run around Björklunden itself and found things like stools and tables.  My favorite find is a stand of big paper--like a less fancy whiteboard.  We have one play taking place in an advertising agency that that'll be great in.  Today though, I’m going shopping!  Top of my list is three small cardboard boxes—they’ll be in Stiff but you’ll have to come see the show to find out what they are!

I also really like writing press releases.  I’m working with one other person to write them and two other people to help get pictures for them.  It’s really exciting when a news outlet picks up our story from the press release I helped write!  (We’ll be in The Advocate next week—keep your eyes peeled!)  I'm a English Major, which means I normally write essays.  Seeing a way I can apply my major to my love of theatre is super exciting.  It's also a great chance to practice another style of writing.  

Ken and I write a press release!

Last night I went and saw a show at Third Avenue Playhouse—The Wonderful Life.  It was a great play and you should totally go see it—it runs through the 29th in Sturgeon Bay.  But I was really excited to see the audience, because I’m hoping we’ll be able to lure some of TAP’s regulars to our performance.  It was a good crowd, largely of older couples, who laughed through the play.  They were interested, they were engaged, they came early and only left after greeting TAP’s staff.  If we have such an audience for Thresholds: A Celebration of 10-Minute Plays, I’ll be delighted.