A Graphic Perspective

Afternoon, Greyfell fans! I’m Erik Morrison, a senior Theatre Arts and English major from Denver, CO at Lawrence University. For Thresholds, I’m playing Marty (Brian Zindler is my costar as Nibs) in Madeline Bunke’s genius 10-minute comedy Down the Drain. I’ve also been photographing a lot of our rehearsals and I designed both our logo and the door image for Thresholds. 

Yours truly! It’s hard to take an interesting photo of a graphic designer at work…

Yours truly! It’s hard to take an interesting photo of a graphic designer at work…

I’ve acted semi-regularly in Lawrence productions, and I love it. The experience of taking a play to performance from scratch in two weeks is totally unique, though. This is exactly why I want to go into new play development after I graduate —  it’s fascinating to work with material that’s so very new (even being honed while we rehearse) and to collaborate so directly with the playwright when bringing their dream to life. I think this is what I love most of all, and something that characterizes the whole Greyfell experience for me too. Even just a few days from opening, everyone is still collaborating in the creative process. When Madeline, our playwright, was having trouble with rewriting a line, Brian, our costume designer Tina, and I were so excited about getting it just right that all four of us just generated ideas for a the line for about half an hour. All of us are still helping shape these plays and Greyfell as a whole in every way possible. 

In addition to acting, I took on the duty of Series Dramaturg with Nathan Eckstein. Nathan coordinates the drafts of all of the plays submitted, and I take the themes and ideas of the plays and try to put them all together in a program note. It seemed like a good way to put my English major to use up here: I’m trying to incorporate both the scripts and the performances I’ve soaked in over the last few days to convey a sense of what makes us so excited about each piece, and what the audience should be looking forward to too.

As the second week dawns over Björklunden and we start refreshed with a brilliant Alexander Technique workshop from Lawrence’s Kathy Privatt, I couldn’t be more excited for Thursday. Today I’m braving the snow to get the word out about Thresholds by flier-ing in Ephraim and Fish Creek. See you all here!

Brian and myself working on  Down the Drain

Brian and myself working on Down the Drain