Mission Statement:

Greyfell Theatre Company crafts performances that transport our audiences to radiant worlds both old and new. Fearlessly collaborating in a swift production process inspired by our roots in the restorative northern woods of Björklunden, we illuminate fresh voices and invigorate the Lawrence University community with vibrant new works.


Greyfell Theatre Company is a partnership between the Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts and the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program, initiated in the winter of 2013. Greyfell aims to create new works of theatre in an accelerated start-up environment. The theatre derives its name from Greyfell, the swift shining horse of the Norse hero Sigurd whose image is immortalized in Björklunden's Great Hall. Just as Greyfell was a symbol of vitality, Greyfell Theatre Company strives to invigorate the Lawrence University community and illuminate new voices by building on the theatre-making tradition that the Department of Theatre Arts has cherished since 1930. Greyfell Theatre Company is excited to announce our upcoming collaboration with Wild Space Dance Company in the spring of 2015. 

Artistic Director: Timothy X. Troy, Executive Director: Adam Galambos, Managing Director: Gary Vaughn, Literary Manager: Jacque Troy, & Design Technical Director: Aaron Sherkow.

Bjorklunden lodge

Bjorklunden lodge